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About us



India Hemp Organics is not just a company.

It is our passion. It is our vision. And it is our mission.

Cannabis, a plant that sits right at the centre of ayurvedic wisdom and modern science, has been recognised for its many uses and immense healing properties since thousands of years.

IHO was founded by Rohit Kamath and I (Loveena Sirohi Kamath) as we have first-hand witnessed the myriad benefits of this plant and its ability to heal and nurture several lives.

The journey of IHO dates back to a personal story —

In late 2017, I underwent a serious road accident. To dive into the details, I had multiple broken bones, torn lips, and a face that was practically unrecognisable.

While I was admitted, the doctors prescribed me high doses of opioid medication to manage my chronic pain.

But growing up in a household that encourages holistic wellness through plant-based solutions, allopathy and I just didn’t go well together. While laying in the hospital beds, I knew the medicine was performing its job to mask my pain but also simultaneously birthing a host of other side effects within my physiology.

Luckily, my co-founder and husband, Rohit, also comes from a family of doctors. And when you see your loved ones suffering, you are willing to do anything it takes to help better their condition. So all of them got to researching on alternative solutions that could aid my healing, speed up recovery, while doing all of this without the many side effects that come with allopathic medication.

The research led to the miracle herb, Cannabis.

There was a lot of global literature available stating the research-backed evidence on the plant and its interaction with the human body to heal a host of conditions, some being chronic and neuropathic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, digestive issues, skin health, etc.

So when I finally got to consuming my prescribed dosage of medical cannabis, I was surprised at the turn my mental and physical health started to take — I was healing faster, my pain was greatly reduced, my mood was better and I was just...feeling great.

It’s safe to say that because I had medical cannabis by my side, my road to recovery was much faster, minus the additional side effects, and I was discharged sooner than anticipated.

Well, that is where our personal journey could have really come to an end but it was just the beginning to creating something much larger than ourselves.

Having undergone something so personal, both Rohit and I felt morally obligated to want to share it with the world, in the hope to reach out to and heal the lives of many, many, many more people. We felt a strong need to understand how many people in India are actually suffering from poor physical and mental health and could benefit from this wonder crop to better themselves.

And that is the backstory to how India Hemp Organics was born.

From a place of deep personal healing to a mission and vision of being able to heal the lives of millions more, we work with renowned medical and health practitioners to formulate wellness products with Hemp/Cannabis at their core.

Staying hyper-focused on the wellbeing of our consumers, our range of products are formulated to offer everyone a wholesome and sustainable form of healing that's holistic in nature.


As a company, we are constantly researching and looking into the future for new ways to bring wholesome, potent, and pure wellness products to our community.

Our Hemp is grown locally in India and brought to you straight from the foothills of the Himalayas. Our crops mature in a natural and pristine environment, untainted by harsh chemicals, compounds, or any sort of pesticides. At IHO, we are as natural as nature can get.

But here’s the real deal -

YOU lie at the heart of everything we do.

Our pursuit is to help every one of you to live life as your healthiest selves. To help you live each day to the fullest and function better with a balanced mind and body.

And in that pursuit of ours, we have found Cannabis, a wonder-crop that works to benefit all of you: from your mind to your body and soul.

At India Hemp Organics, we don't just offer cannabis products.

We go much deeper than that. We are committed to creating a new, healthier, happier you.

All so you can live your life's greatest moments as your best self.

Wishing you a lifetime of health and happiness!

With love,

Rohit and Loveena




(Here's a raw image of us along with the farmer communities, sitting amidst the beautiful Himalayas from where our Hemp is sourced, to bring to you: INDIA HEMP ORGANICS!)